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Top Baby Name Trends Of 2014

2014 is quickly shaping up to be the year of Vintage Baby Names! Gone are the ultra hip and trendy names of the past in which celebrities and others went berserk naming their children after inanimate objects such as apples and chairs! The new trend is not really so new at all as many parents are now rushing to name their new baby after grandma before another expectant family member claims the moniker Eula, Isla, or Helen! That being said, vintage baby names are definitely on the rise with names like Eunice, Lois, Helen, Ava and Olivia leading the pack.

Choosing a vintage baby name lends a certain elegance or nostalgia to the process as well as a sense of historical relevance in preparation for a new addition to the fold. This shift in name preference could have something to do with the preference of short names consisting of two short syllables which plenty of vintage baby names had back in the 30s 40s and 50s. For example, consider the one - two syllable punch of Ava, Isla, Lois, Helen, Gertrude, Hortense, Mabel and Maxine. The vintage trend also extends to the naming of boys with names like David, Johnny, Axel, Mitchell, and Atley.

The ultimate in vintage baby names are those hearkening back to the Ancient times of the Roman Empire or even those of the Greek Gods! Some may say this trend is a result of the cinematic explosion of comic book characters and possibly maybe even a nod to current movie titles. One can expect to see lots of little ones running around sporting baby names such as Thor, Athena, Zeus, and Julius.

No matter what you decide to name your baby, The Baby Gift Basket Co. specializes in personalization, making your choice come alive on baby blankets, bibs, hats and more. We know there is special meaning in a name and we hope we can help you capture the magic of any vintage baby name you choose.