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Mother's Day Celebrations
How Can I make a handmade card for my mother?

Mothers day is a special holiday when we take time to honor a very special person in our lives... Many of us have Mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters, daughters and daughter-in law that we want to remember. We can thank Woodrow Wilson for making this day in May a day to honor the important women in our lives. More cards are sent on this day then on any other holiday.

Cards, gifts, flowers and dining out are just some of the ways we show our gratitude.
Handmade mothers day gifts are becoming more popular. During recessions, people find more time to be creative. Not only is it necessary, it is therapy.  And of course, Moms have loved handmade gifts from the first drawing her little one created.

Children are also being part of this holiday, because they want to show their love for moms... They love to make cards, draw pictures or even make a breakfast in bed for Mom.
Helping the children that are a part of your life participates in this holiday is important. You are teaching them to say thank you and to stop and be appreciative to the women in their lives.
Making a simple craft can be a lot of fun for the child. Something that could be a special keepsake and also inexpensive is a silhouette of the child.  This could be a wonderful gift for new mothers, grandmothers, aunts, step-mothers and other important people in the childs life.
For this project you need:
Glue stick
Backing card
A black card
Picture frame
A profile photograph
First you will need to cut the backing card to fit your frame. Now you can glue your photo onto the black card. Cut around the face and make a curved line at the bottom of the picture. Now glue the photo onto the backing making sure the photo is face down.
Let it dry and then put it in your frame. You have just completed a beautiful keepsake.

This easy craft is something that most children can do with a little help.  There are many other ideas in magazines, the internet and from your local library.
Handmade mothers day gifts make the holiday extra special and help say I love and appreciate you to that special mother in your life.