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Positive Parenting and Discipline
A 10 minute video from Family and Education on the Gentle Introduction to Discpline

Eileen Hayes Editor in Chief of Your Family Magazine answers parenting questions about how to use positive discipline in your parenting.

Eileen answers these questions below posed to her in a quick and simple way.

Why do Children need discipline?
At what age should I start to discipline my child?
What is the best way of disciplining a child?
How do different styles of parenting affect discipline?
What is the difference between discipline and punishment?
Should I reward my child for good behavior?
Should I smack my child when they are naughty?
Do Children learn from smacking?
Am I spoiling my child if I don't smack them?
Is it legal to smack a child in the UK? (In the US we would call this spanking.)
Is it okay to shout at my child?
How can I use time out as a way to discipline my child?
I feel guilty when I discipline my child, what should I do?