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Top 10 Bed Time Stories for Toddlers
Take a peek into our families top ten books for cuddling time before bed.

Top 10 Bed Time Books for Toddlers


Some of my favorite memories have to do with reading these stories to my little ones. I loved when we had read the book so many times that they began to repeat the little rhymes with me. Before they could even read a word on the page they knew what words came next. Years later my youngest still remembers are times spent reading and re-reading these stories.

Not only is reading to your young children a bonding experience but it is proven that reading to your children actually gives them a head start on their own ability to read. Reading out loud to your child builds listening skills, memory skills and vocabulary. Your tones and funny voices capture their imagination and build their social development. Children that are read to often are leaps and bounds ahead for their entire education compared to those who were not read to.

It only takes a small commitment to make a huge difference in your child. Not only in the social development and educational skills, but it creates a bond that will always be remembered.

Here are our families Top 10 Books for Toddlers

Jiggle Joggle Jee


Yum Tummy Tickly


Snuggle me Snuggly


Good night Moon


Pat the Bunny


Guess How Much I love you


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Time For Bed


Its Time to Sleep My Love


Goodnight Baby Bear