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Becoming A Mom
What was life like before?

It used to be, B.C (before children), that I could sleep in
on Saturdays. I chose what outfit to wear that complimented my nicely manicured
fingers and toes. I complained of the excess 10 pounds I was carrying around
and chose what deli to grace with my presence for lunch. Before children I
stayed up late watching movies with the love of my life, curled up on the couch
just to be close and gladly served my husband with wonderfully balanced and new
dinners all the time. Before children I had a full time job that kept me
hopping and enjoyed adult conversations. I looked at moms with young children
and couldn’t understand why they let themselves go. Hair not quite in style,
clothing that seemed casual and talked each others ears off about all the
problems they had with their kids.

 Then one day, everything changed. The stick had two lines. I
continued to work, except I was tired all the time and called in many days too
sick to come to work. As the months went on I told myself I would be this perfectly
put together mom. It was easy, find cute maternity clothes, eat healthy and
rest. I vowed I would never become one of those moms who complained and my kids
would be full of joy and smiles because I kept my attitude in check. I mean,
how hard is it really?

 Then came the birth. Gracefulness went straight out the
window. Anyone who has given birth au natural knows exactly what I mean. It
wasn’t until after the baby was born that I knew my life would never be the
same. With in a few minutes I knew I would give my life to keep this precious
child protected. I wasn’t however prepared for the sheer exhaustion that swept
over me. I mean, didn’t this child know that when it’s dark out people sleep.
My perfect attitude flew out the window and even though I tried to hide how
much I wanted to sleep, I couldn’t help but enjoy those few moments with her in
the wee hours of the night. Now mind you I was all ready for that little one to
sleep through and when she did, I knew I could get my act together.

 Someone however, forgot to tell my child that I needed her
to be happy and joyous and content because I had a good attitude. The screaming
and kicking, slobbering little jewel had colic. Nothing gets you down as much
as not knowing how to make your child comfortable. You will do anything,
including stand on your head if you have to, to make this little creature
comfortable. The time came where I was needed back at work. My leave was up and
we began interviewing daycares. My questions were endless. It was as if I couldn’t
trust anyone to care for my little one. I was sure it had to be me. After many
talks with my husband I became one of them, a stay at home mom. It wasn’t long
afterwards I turned in my heels for walking shoes and my silk shirts for
cotton. The manicures and pedicures became a once in a while treat. I traded my
extra 10 pounds for 40 and my shopping sprees for baby boutiques, baby showers and baby gifts and though the
days are sometime hard and long I have never once looked back in regret. I now
understand those tired moms. The need they had for adult conversation and that
conversation discussing the one thing that surrounded their life, children. As
Erma Bombeck once said

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment
slowly turns to compassion and understanding.”

A stay at home mom truly gives up a part of her dreams to
grow the dreams of her children even if it is becoming a character on Sesame Street.
Gives up the prestige of landing a business deal to teach her toddlers how to
share and gives up those quiet moments alone with her husband to read a bed
time story for the 3rd time before falling into bed exhausted. The
true sign of a mother is that she gets up early each morning ready and willing to
do it all again.