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A Bedtime Routine That Works
Bedtime Ideas for a Smooth Evening

A bedtime routine as hard as it may be to implement is vital to making night time a pleasant time and can be the best baby gift advice ever.  Before I give you the list of tips that will help bedtime be an easy chore remember that each child is different. Take this truth from a mom of seven.  Some kids embrace bedtime and some fight it to the bitter end.  The most important thing is that you try and make bedtime a ritual to follow.

First, no matter what be consistent, be consistent, be consistent.  It will be hard. You will want to be nice, you will want to snuggle your little one just a little longer, and you will want to stay at grandmas for that extra hour.  Kids will learn to be flexible but when first establishing a consistent routine you must make a commitment.

Establish a time for napping and bed. Sleep is a wonderful baby gift. That being said keep in mind that studies show that teens need as much sleep as little ones, but function better staying up later and sleeping in longer. Schools are just now starting to respond to these proven facts.  Little tiny ones usually need two naps but this can change quickly so be ready to watch for sign that their bodies are changing.

Free tip: Remember that sleep is essential. We fight off sickness better, stay more alert, learn better and as a whole are much easier to be aroundJ.  So when you are struggling getting your little one to sleep remember to keep trying because it truly is for their good.

Make sure their bed is made, comfy, and the environment is not shouting “chaos”.  A calm, quiet environment will be inviting to all kids-whether they know it or not.

A warm shower or bath makes everyone feel clean and calmer.  So begin with a warm bath, add brushing teeth, getting that last drink of water and then climbing into bed.  Older kids don’t need you to walk through them on these steps but little ones do.

Free tip: Set a timer and see how fast they can get in bed.  Have them try and increases their time each night.  Little ones will love this.

Finally, this my favorite part…………enter into your child’s sleeping area and snuggle them in bed. What a wonderful baby gift………..the gift of sound, good sleep. Old or young each night we tell stories and say prayers together.

Free tip:  If someone needs a drink, one more story……….be firm and say no.

Sweet dreams……………………