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A Creative Way to Manage Your Schedule
A look at a fun way to manage your daily life.

Some days I use to wish there were two of me. Four school age kids and a husband with a demanding job, I felt pulled in all directions.

My youngest has autism and requires extra care. Kids with autism love to have schedules and so we follow a written chart for him. In the beginning it was hard. But it works well for him, our son’s teacher showed us how we could use the chart and Josh could get his own cereal and put his bowl in the dishwasher from following the chart. Because he could not read, we used pictures... Wow!  My kindergarten son was getting more done every day and taking care of himself, while my older children were just relying on me.

Now I like to relax and have a long soak in the tub, but with the confusion and places we had to be, I was frazzled by the end of the day and just fell on the couch exhausted and watched, Dancing with the Stars. How did those “other “people do it? I was worn out.

One morning after I had taxied everyone to school, only to have the kids yell the whole way that we were going to be late again, I thought something has to change. If Josh could use a picture chart and make his own cereal, make his bed and be ready for school on time then why couldn’t the whole family use a chart?

Well, that is what I did. We made a big master chart in the kitchen. I had it laminated so we could write on it with felt markers. It has the days of the week across the top and the kid’s names along the side. Everyone is responsible for writing where they need to be or what they need to do for the coming week. We try to do this on Sunday night. I then go over it and make sure we have coverage for all the activities. Now it is not perfect and things do happen. Someone gets sick or we had some last minute change of plans. For the most part though, we seem to be getting to where we need to be and in the evening I can stay awake for the Dancing with the stars show. Who knows, maybe someday I will even have enough energy to do a little of my own dancing.