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A New Mom's Survival Tip

The day has come.  You arrive at home with your precious new bundle of joy.  You are welcomed with a hug from your friends and a beautiful baby gift basket filled with all sorts of fun things you never knew you needed to be a mom.  But they can make all the difference in the world.

As you enter motherhood you will find that there are special items made just for baby. And a baby gift basket filled with these much needed things will not only make mother hood more fun but will save you lots of trips to the store and trial and error.  A baby gift basket filled with items such as; Tear-free shampoo, hyper allergenic lotion, nail clippers, tiny scissors, and much needed baby rash ointment are only a few of the “must have”  items that will be useful over the first few weeks.   You will see that having them on hand and in an organized manner for those mid night feedings or tired mom moments will be very helpful.

A great idea is to get a diaper stacker with pockets to hold the above items.  This will easily hang on the changing table. If by chance you don’t have a changing table, just leave the items in the beautiful baby gift basket they arrived in. The basket is also a great idea for putting baby’s dirty laundry in.  What matters most is that you have these items available.  The great thing is that they last a long, long time.  But without them you will be lost.

A new born has very sensitive skin.  And everything is new. Some baby’s have very sensitive skin.  It is helpful to cut out all the tags on that may bother the skin on their neck.   A sponge bath is easy to give with a warm washcloth. Just remember that the soap should be made for baby.  Strong smells and dyes are not a good idea for this new little life. Keeping your new little baby’s clothes separate from other family members clothing is very important.  You want to make sure you have a separate location for their clothing.  Using a soap made for babies is also a great idea for the first 6 months of life.

Being a new mom will be a challenge, and there will be times you feel like a basket case but never fear, take a breath and keep your baby gift basket nearby and all will be okay.