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How To Host A Baby Shower Without Games

Your very best friend is about to have her first baby and you want to bless her with
the ultimate baby shower. But you want it to be different. No more games that everyone has played a
gazillion times. No more “Don’t Say the Word Cute” or “Answer these questions about Mom”. Instead
you want it to be a low-key memorable time for people to pause, breathe all while having fun and
blessing this soon to be mommy.

Start off keeping it simple. Gather some exotic teas, coffee (don’t forget the yummy flavored creamer),
waters, nuts and mints. Add some simple cucumber sandwiches, and turkey avocado wraps,
and if you’re not up to cooking, order a meat and cheese tray from your local grocery store or
warehouse. Add to the festivities by placing a crisp white table cloth on the gift and food table topped
with flowers picked at your local growers market. Sprinkle pedals around the tables. And don’t forget
to have simple white cupcakes topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries to make the dessert

As for the special memorable gift? Give her a baby gift basket that can be cherished through time.
Make sure it is filled with items you too loved as a little one. You know that miniature red wagon you
see that takes you back in time? Or the sock monkey that helped you make it through the first day
of kindergarten? And for a special creative touch……..Add items that are personalized; a bib, a much
needed infant bath towel, or a snuggly baby blanket. Each will be remembered for always. And to make
the baby gift basket even more creative and complete have the soon to be mommy’s name printed on
the ribbon. Eyes will ooh and awe over the thought and creativity you have put together.

Finally, to make a lasting impression upon your guests, ask each attendant to share about a woman in
their life that made a difference. These shared words of wisdom will long be remembered after the
celebrating is over. When all goodbye’s have been said and the last person has left, smile knowing you
hosted a simple, wonderful, memorable shower for someone you love. And hopefully, very soon you
will get to hold a new life, a true baby gift basket of love.