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What To Serve At A Baby Shower

There are usually several people working together on a baby or wedding shower. One person will be in charge of games, while another may volunteer their house and decorations and another may be in charge of putting together the menu. If you happen to fall into that last category don’t worry. This simple little menu will make you look good and take the stress out of the day.
First, decided if you are having a formal meal or casual meal. The time of the shower will help you decide. A formal meal is served around a meal time. Your guests should be able to sit at a table to enjoy their meal. Your menu will consist of foods that are a little more complex then the casual meal.
Here is a sample formal meal:

Green Salad
Sliced Ham
Egg and Potato casserole
Steamed Asparagus
Hot and Cold drinks
When putting together a casual meal for a shower, finger foods are the best choice. You do not want your guests trying to cut meat or veggies with a knife on their lap. The casual meal is most often used when sitting at tables is not feasible or you are having a late afternoon party.
Here is a list of ideas for the casual menu:
Tea Sandwiches
Veggie platter
Deviled eggs
Chips and Salsa
Crackers and dip
Turkey rolled up with cream cheese and asparagus
Pasta salads
Simple desserts like cookies, petite fours or fruit
Hot and Cold Drinks
One way to dress of your food items is to arrange them on beautiful platters. Add vases of fresh brightly colored flowers to the table, a beautiful table cloth and your job is complete.