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Best Gifts For New Parents

Preparing for the new baby to arrive takes months. While one never feels quite ready to bring baby home, when that day arrives you are full of joy over your precious delivery. There are usually baby showers before the baby arrives and maybe a few after depending on your tastes. You no doubt have hundreds of diapers in many sizes, drawers overflowing with clothes for the first year and the nursery decorated just right. The first night is a little rough, you have checked on your baby every few minutes to make sure he is still breathing. The baby monitor could have failed, so you get up to check just to make sure. By the next morning you are so excited to spend your first day at home with baby you hardly notice how exhausted you are.
Fast forward three weeks. Youíre tired. The baby just pooped for the 15 time in an hour and itís the 4th outfit today. The house is a mess, you forgot to shower and your husband is a walking zombie at work. You pray you donít have any visitors today because youíre sure they will run away screaming.
Ever have a day like that? Who hasnít, and itís moms like these who have been there before that give the best shower gifts. While everyone else is buying baby clothes and diapers left and right you remember those first few weeks where you were lucky to even get a shower let alone have time to use soap. Giving a new mom gift that will pamper her tired worn out body and help her feel like a woman again is a perfect compliment to all the baby items she will be getting. Even if she only gets 5 minutes for a shower, it can seem like a vacation when you have luxurious self indulgent spa products. Throw in a soft bath towel and slippers and she will feel just as pampered as baby.