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Celebrating The New Big Brother or Sister

Bringing home baby number two or three is no less exciting then bringing home baby number one. Having a new little person in your life fills your heart with such joy and love. Friends and family will be stopping by to see this new little precious one, to ooh and awe over its little fingers and toes. Even though your new baby may not remember all the attention, there is another one who will. 
One great way to help the older children in this transition is sibling gifts. While baby may seem to get a gift every time a visitor comes over, siblings can feel left out. While we don’t want to encourage an equal and fair routine that will never be satisfied, having a small gift or treat for the older sibling will be much appreciated. This is especially important for mom and dad to remember when they bring home baby. Bringing your older daughter a new doll to play with, or your son a stuff animal or other toy to care for will help ease the transition. Filling a back pack with a special book, coloring books, crayons and even a little treat will keep your child occupied for a little bit while you all take some time to settle in to your new family.
Remembering the siblings is not just a job for mom and dad. When people bring over meals for the new mom, or gifts for the baby, older children may feel just a little jealous. No matter how many times you may have let them know that everyone did the same thing for them, it can still cause them a little pain to feel forgotten. Mom and Dad can make this easier by making sure they know how important they are in those first few days. Reminding them how big they are and how you could not have made it though the day with out their help will do a lot to boost their little egos.
Asking them to greet visitors is another way you can assure they will get the first attention. Let it be their duty to introduce the new baby. Most visitors will be sensitive to the fact there could be a little jealously. If a visitor makes a comment on how lucky the older sibling is to have a brother or sister, gently rephrase it for your child and remind everyone how lucky the baby is to have such a big brother or sister to look out for them. This will go a long way in helping the older sibling to feel accepted and needed.