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Games To Play At A Baby Shower

Everyone loves a good game at a baby shower. There are many games out there that are fun and get the crowd laughing. Here is a list of some of the top played games.
Diaper the baby at midnight. Using a large doll, and a cloth diaper the person is blindfolded and must remove the diaper, wipe, powder and re-pin a new diaper for the baby at “midnight”. The person has to be able to hold the baby up without the diaper falling off. This game is especially fun for older moms who used cloth diapers.
Guess the Gerber baby food in an unmarked jar. This one is the most fun for a group of pro-moms. They love to show their knowledge.
Guess how many cotton balls, q-tips, diapers. This game can use one of these items or all three. The person closest gets the gift, while the mom to be gets to go home with the items.
Guess the baby picture. This game will get everyone talking, smiling and is a great ice breaker. Everyone brings a baby picture of themselves under 3 years old. They are all laid out and then people get a chance to match them up with the people at the party.
Guess the mom’s tummy size. In this game everyone is asked to pull off enough string to go around the mom’s tummy without measuring. The one closest wins the prize.
Super Mommy. In this game you hang a clothes wire across one section of the room. Include 10 or so baby outfits of differing sizes, socks and such. Have a bucket of clothing pins to hang the clothes. As each mom takes their turn, they must, hold a baby doll, talk on the cordless phone and hang the laundry. The lady who can do it all without dropping the phone or the baby wins.