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What To Bring To A Baby Shower

What is one thing moms have in common? Lots of advice. Some of the advice is wanted, some should be discarded, and once in awhile you find a true gem that will shape your parenting style. Every mom has their favorite must have child accessory. Favorite brands of baby food, clothing companies and even diapers are on their radars. When going to a baby shower, where many moms will be talking of their favorites, what can you bring that will stand out?

One of my favorites was a baby gift basket full of items needed for baby. It had a towel, shampoo, diaper rash cream, lotion and nail clippers. The gift giver also included an easy recipe along with a coupon for dinner anytime I wished. Her phone number was included for 24 hour motherly advice or respite babysitting care. She also included a candle and bubble bath for me. It is still the most memorable gift I was given.

If you want your gift to stand out, be original. Let the gift come from your heart. If you have recipes to share, easy care tips, hints and tricks, write them up in a beautiful little journal, and add a gift card for a delivery restaurant. Your imagination is the only thing stopping you. There are many unique baby gift baskets that you can buy that will include personalization on items like blankets, clothing, and bibs. Diaper cakes are all the rage and make a big impression. Not only are you sure the gift will be used; it is a unique way to make an entrance. May times the diaper cakes come with lotions, creams and toys attached as decorations.

Another treasured gift I received at my shower was a Mom box. It was the size of a thick book, and tied with ribbon to keep it shut. On the inside cover was flip pages of photo holders. Inside was a journal, pen and a list of ideas to put in it. In mine I have our hospital wristbands, the cards they kept in the bassinets, pictures taken at the hospital, ultrasound photos and their first hair cuts. It’s a great gift that I am thankful to have and my children enjoy looking at even to this day.