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Easy Recipes For New Moms

Being a new mom is rewarding as well as exhausting. Having a new little bundle to care for does take time away from other duties. The best advice given is sleep when your baby sleeps. That works well when you have one baby, but what happens when baby number two comes along and your toddler doesn’t like to sleep when the baby sleeps? When will dinner get cooked? While you still have energy, before the baby comes it might be worth doubling up your dinner cooking. Whatever you are cooking, cook two and freeze one. With in just a few weeks you will have a freezer full of healthy meals just waiting to be thrown in the oven. If you have a church group, or a group of friends they may be bringing meals the first week or so too. That was easy. However, what can you do when that is all gone and you need an easy meal? Let’s look at the ideas.

Getting a roasted chicken, throwing some potatoes in the oven and cooking a veggie is one of the easiest dinners to put together. The next night you can use that same chicken and shred it with some of your favorite taco sides. If you want to the third day throw the chicken into a crock pot filled half way with water and boil it down. Half way through the day, drain out the chicken bones and place the broth along with any chicken back into the crock pot. Add some carrots, celery and a diced up potato and you will have a nice warm chicken soup for dinner. These are quick and easy meals.

Giving a little thought before baby is born will save you 10 fold after baby arrives. Stocking up on healthy snacks, and easy to prep dinners will save you any anxiousness later. If you have more than one child, keeping snacks in a cupboard and drawer they can reach will keep it easy and convenient for you. When you have a few moments make ahead sandwiches for lunch, slice apples and put in baggies for snacks fill juice cups and keep in the refrigerator for later. Then when you are resting or nursing you can direct your other child where to go to find refreshment.

Why not have a pantry baby shower? Along with baby gifts, have each guest bring an item that would help the new mom stock her pantry with healthy snacks and food for baby and family. You could even have a frozen meal shower! Instead of baby clothes, each guest could bring a meal that can be frozen and kept in the freezer for future use. What a great way to make sure the new mom is not worried about cooking meals during the first few months of baby's life.